Saturday, February 8, 2014


Another record breaker.  This time, I finished a hat in 5 days.  It's amazing - once I get good at something, it becomes easier and faster and more enjoyable to do.  

My daughter requested a new hat for this *!$@#$#@% winter (I'm much more a fan of summer).  We've just had too much snow and too much cold weather.

So, my only limitations for her were that it had to be picked from the yarn that I already own and the pattern had to be free.  So she searched and searched on ravelry and of course her favorite pattern cost money.  So I improvised.  I found a pattern that had the same weight of yarn that I had and was for a child's head and used that for guidelines on starting the pattern and then made my own fair isle pattern for a peace sign that she requested.  And found another pattern for guidelines on how to finish the top of the hat.  This is a first - semi-designing my own pattern.  I never thought I'd be able to do that.  

**Having set limitations really stretches the mind.** 

 If interested, here's the link to my semi-pattern on Ravelry:  Peace Sign Hat

Projects finished: 23
Projects given away: 11+

Weeks: 53

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