Monday, March 3, 2014

A new baby...

But not for me!!!!   

My cousin will be having a baby shortly and the baby shower was scheduled this past weekend, but it was out of town so I got a few extra days to finish a hat I was knitting for the new baby.   

Knitted items just fly off the needles in the winter compared to the summer.  That goes to show how much I sit and watch tv in the winter compared to the summer.  I knitted this same hat in the summer for a friend of mine (in a smaller size) and it took about 2 months to finish.  Now - one week and that's with doing other crafty stuff on the side.  We got Netflix as a Christmas gift - and whoa! is that addicting.  Now, I can always find something to watch - on the tv or on my kindle.  And that's how I get my knitting done - watching tv and knit, knit away.  It drives my husband nuts when we are supposed to be watching a movie together, but I rarely like to just sit and watch something (except Downton Abbey - where I have to watch them talk and listen or else I can't tell what they are saying!).  
Here's to getting the crafts done by watching Netflix - or more specifically, Dawson's Creek, my tv show du jour - and getting pudgier while doing so in these winter months!!  Soon, I hope we will be outside more (although the temperature is not supposed to go above freezing this week) and I'm honestly, without a specific project to do.  I'll have to try another needlecraft kit.
Hat is the Aviatrix Hat by Justine Turner, available on Ravelry.

Projects finished: 25
Projects given away: 11+

Weeks: about 56