Sunday, April 27, 2014

More knitting and other Ramblings...

It is finally getting warmer and I will be enjoying my first run outside today for the season - which probably means less crafting and more outside exercise and yard time.  
It seems I haven't gotten as much done in the last month - or at least not much to write about.  I realized I had 4 skeins of that crazy twirly scarf ribbon type yarn.  So I made 2 scarves and am working on my 3rd and will probably give to Goodwill the 4th skein.  I think I may have figured out my problem with making them in the past - they were always so short.  But this time, I made a scarf with the 'Sashay' yarn and it actually ended up a few inches over 60 (which is what the pattern says the scarf should be).  I was going to keep it for myself, but my mom said a neighbor friend had inquired about a scarf, so I gave it to her.
The other skeins are of another brand and the longest I can get them are about 45 inches - too short for me and I'm tired of making them - that's why I'm giving away the 4th skein.  

I've also been reading - as always, I have to be reminded that I can't do everything I want to do at the same time - it's either crafting or reading.  I finished the Divergent series by Veronica Roth - a little disappointing at the end of the series, but the first 2 books were really interesting.  

And I've been cleaning things out and listing some more items on Ebay.  And getting things out for Goodwill and for an upcoming church festival.  It feels so good to remove these things from my home, yet something still holds me back from getting rid of so much.  I still have many childhood items like a baby blanket, band shirts, high school jacket, Little Mermaid memorabilia ( I was a huge fan when it came out).  Honestly, if there were a fire in my house or if these things had been discarded by someone else, I would not have missed them, but since they are here, I feel like I can't get rid of them - like I should have some attachment to a baby blanket that has been folded neatly in a drawer untouched for 30 years.  

And on a funnier note, since I knew I was going to Goodwill, I decided to clean out my sock drawer and realized I had 113 pairs of sock!!!  What in the world!  I easily parted with 50% of them and may go through them again in the future to minimize more but, holy moly, how did I get to that?  

I can't imagine what my house looked like a year ago before I started cleaning stuff out, because in the last year I've sent lots of things to Goodwill, sold many items on Craigslist and Ebay and still feel like we have a house overwhelmed with stuff.  Either my limit
for stuff has changed or I was just good at ignoring things.