Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another disappointing kit...

I started this rose flower kit in January with hopes to finish by Valentine's Day, but things happened and yesterday I finally remembered it and pulled it out to finish and ....oh.... those Martha Stewart kits... How foolish do I look?  Making flowers aren't my medium but I didn't realize it until after I finished (that's a loose term) one of the roses.  It turned out.... not good.... all the petals kept falling off, even though I taped them on the stem and it looks very wilty - like the rose was just about ready to wither and die.   Once again, I'm reminded why I should stick with what I know best (and like).   So I cut my loses and just pitched the rest.  Really, I'd rather have real flowers anyway.    

Projects finished: 24
Projects given away: 11+

Thrown Away:  1?
Weeks: 53

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