Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Knitting

Well, the cold weather is keeping me inside and knitting.  As soon as it gets warm enough to not have to wear 2 layers of clothing inside the house to stay warm, I'm sure I'll be on to other things.  But not having to go out and get supplies to do a craft is certainly a bonus in snowy, icy, cold, cold weather. (That is one nice thing about hoarding crafts, but all I really needed was one craft, not a million to choose from).
Here's to my seeking the perfect hat or earwarmer for cold weather.  The problem I have with knitting or crocheting one is that they are never warm enough for me, so I end up wearing the same green fleece Cincinnati Bell one I got in college for free.  So, I need to figure out how to remedy that - probably by doing a hat with colorwork.  In the meantime, this one was made with one of my more expensive yarns (Manos del Uruguay classic wool).  I think it was handspun and, to be honest, probably because it was handspun, the yarn is very irregular and not the nicest to knit with - very skinny at some points and very thick at others.  Maybe I'm just used to the machine-made cheap yarn that I usually purchase but I like some regularity in the yarn. 
I am definitely using up some of the yarn I have, but now I seem to be collecting lots of partial skeins and wonder what to do with them.  I can also tell that when I bought all this yarn, I really had no idea what I was going to do with it because I would only buy one skein of each color or yarn type and there are only so many one skein things to knit.  
Here it is (combining 2 patterns - 86-10 headband in Alaska & Frothy Layered Flower):

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