Friday, August 30, 2013

More Cards

I seem to be pretty good at finishing card crafts this year - maybe because they are so easy and quick!  I'm all for the quick gains.  And I am definitely stocked for years to come with cards - albeit very beautiful semi-handcrafted cards.   With school starting, I'm hoping these crafting days will be more regular.  My neighbor and I like to get together and craft - usually beading is involved, but I've been on other kicks lately - knitting, crocheting and card-making.  And it is always easier to get together when the kids are in school - at least most of them.

So.... here is a set of beautiful glitter made butterfly cards.  So glad I finally got the chance to make them.  I can't wait to send them to someone.
 Here's the picture of the package  - I think they turned out better than the ones on the package - probably because I had glitter from all the past Martha Stewart cards that I've made - more choices of colors.

And there's been this feeling floating around in me lately.  I think it started because I decided to clean and organize my beading area.  And much to my husband's horror, I had my beads spread out everywhere and I have a lot of beads!!, which I don't often show here because, well I do sell my jewelry creations on Etsy so I have a different feeling toward that hobby/moneymaker. 
But, overall - I'm just tired of all the stuff - all the toys, all the books, all the clothes, all the craft stuff, all the useless house décor items in our basement, all the time it takes to sort through and move around items to get around the house and I've really been starting to purge a lot - A REALLY LOT!!!!!
I only say start because it is a process.  Clean out some and then more gets unearthed and its time to reevaluate and get rid of more.  My family is contemplating a move in the next year or two and I keep imagining what it would be like for someone to walk through our house - who would want to buy this house with mounds of crap everywhere?  And how many pounds is it/how much would it cost to move this stuff?  This is our first house, so we previously moved with a Uhaul truck and a bunch of friends 10 years ago.  But with 3 kids added to the mix, I know that won't be possible the next time.
So this is the beginning of the crafty purging....

 Can you see the date?   It's a 2008 calendar - opened and looked through, but none have been done.  Previously, I always felt like I would like to make these -  for more cards ?!? Really, would I rather twist paper or play with the kids?  Enough said.
And this one - I bought to do with my daughter 2 years ago.  She was a little young to be able to get the crystals in place and got frustrated easily, so I put it away for awhile.  And then, last year, she went to visit her cousin and they made one - the exact same one!  And why am I still holding onto this?  The plan is for my daughter to give this to her BFF.

And then, today my neighbor commented that she thought the butterfly cards were beautiful and she would like to find something like this to do.  Again, with the magic cape.....
I whipped this glitter kit out and gave it away...

(This picture is from ebay - I gave it away before taking a picture of it.)

Projects finished: 14
Projects given away: 6+
Weeks: about 26

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