Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long car trips = Great Knitting Time!

Wow!  How time flies....  How nice it is to enjoy summer and swimming and going to parks and running a race.  And still... I was able to get some crafts done.
I have a friend who is having a baby soon, so I knit and crochet some items for her. 
And as much as I wanted to - was craving to  - go to the craft store and buy New Fresh Yarn to knit her something, I pulled out yarn from the store in my basement, aka the huge tubs of yarn down there, and luckily had enough for some beautiful (and fun)  projects...
And long car trips also really help with getting knitting done - as long as its not bad weather.  Last year, we went North in February to visit family and ran into a snow storm and all my stitches during that stressful time were really, really tight - so lesson learned! 
These are the latest...

Projects finished: 13
Projects given away: 3+
Weeks: about 26 - halfway through the year!!!  I think this blog is also giving me a reality check of how many crafty projects one can really get done in a life full of kids and other demands!

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