Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Very Fun TUTU!!!

OK. I'll admit it.... I broke down and bought some crafting supplies - but these were some completely new and different supplies, not just a variation of other supplies, e.g. different yarn or beads.   And it was for a good cause.
A good friend of mine ran a race with me and I wanted to make it fun for both of us. 
Last year, my husband and I ran the Warrior Dash - and while he was great at running and doing the obstacles, he didn't always stay with me nor did he do the last obstacle - climbing through mud with barbed wire over your head - because he didn't want to get that muddy! 
So I needed a new running mate for my once a year challenge of running a race (Mudathlon) and my good friend from college offered (or did I cajole her into running - don't remember now), but she ran it and didn't complain.  And we had fun with matching outfits, including tutus.  A tutorial online showed me how and it was pretty easy but I did have to purchase the tulle and elastic for it....  So this may have set me back in acquiring more supplies but this kind of craft was worth it.  And somehow I think this is how it should be with craft supplies - I should buy what I need when I need it and then do the craft.  Because I can bet that if I was really bored and wanted a craft to do, I could always walk into a Michael's or Hobby Lobby and find something new and exciting to do.

If someone happens to look at this photo and go back to the tutorial to figure out how to make this - keep this in mind - when she says 10-12 yards of tulle - that's of the tulle by the yard, not the spool kind.  I probably used at least 65 pieces of 6inx36in tulle to make these - and probably could have used more like 75 pieces of tulle to make it really extra fluffy.  Also, if you use the glittery kind - the glitter gets everywhere!!!!

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