Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting rid of the guilt....

Is gardening a craft?  Surely, it is a hobby, I don't know if it would be considered a craft.  It can be added to the repertoire of things that I like to do. 
When we moved into our house, we were the 3rd owners.  The first owners included a gardener.  Someone who made the yard beautiful with all kinds of flowers (or so I am told) and from what I have seen.  We had an area of a yard that used to be a bed of weeds - or so I called it.  I'm sure it was beautifully curated at one time but between the first owner and us, I don't think it was taken care of too well!.
Here's a picture from 2005 - nicely overgrown
 Since then, we have scaled back on flowers, trees and weeds and made it fit our lifestyle.  So here's the now picture:
When we were cleaning out that area, which we did in stages, my husband just wanted to whack everything down and then roto-till the land.  However, in part of that wild area were hundreds upon hundreds of daffodils - they were just gorgeous in the spring.  And all different varieties.  And so I insisted on painstakingly digging each one up, because of course, I seem to think I live in a land with 100 hour days and I would have time to replant all of them.  (Mind you, with 3 little kids underfoot.)
Picture of some of the beautiful daffodils....
Well, reality has set in, and I have finally, after many requests from my husband, decided to get rid of all of my daffodil bulbs.  It's just one more guilt-ridden thing to look at that needs to "be done".  So, I don't know how long daffodil bulbs are good for, but I put them on freecycle 30 minutes ago and already have 2 requests. 
 Look at all those bulbs!!!
Projects finished: 14
Projects given away: 7+  I think this can be included as a project.)
Weeks: about 27

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