Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crocheted rope bracelets - Know when to cut your losses

I had recently checked out a book from the library - pretty cool looking and I had eyed it for awhile on Amazon -
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And it has amazing pictures - very inspiring - such eye candy,  so of course I had to try some of my own.  First, tried with 4 colors - because I found out quickly it's a little more difficult crocheting a rope with beads than normal crochet. 
But, as I had already threaded 3 strings with beads, I must forge ahead.The verdict - Very difficult to begin - a lot easier after a few rows.  Definitely need to string more beads than you think you will need.  My first bracelet was too short and I don't have anymore beads in those colors. 

This is another one, already strung.  And this next picture is after I gave up and decided that bead crochet ropes are a not a craft I want to pursue.  That's part of this year - figuring out when to cut my losses and what to forge ahead on.  It actually feels kind of freeing to say that  - to set a limit.  Funny thing isn't it - how limits makes us feel freer?

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