Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seeing the Light

It's January.  We've gotten all the Christmas stuff sorted and put away.  It's been snowy and cold and it feels like we'll never be able to go out and enjoy any warm weather (or sunny weather - as any Ohioan could tell you).  We are inside all the time and so the stuff creeps up on me.  I got the urge to go through the bin of 'kits' and realized that I have at least 15 cross stitch kits, and not just those little ornament ones - I have 6 cross stitch Christmas stocking kits (and there are only 5 of us in this family), 4 big kits - (with completed designs that will be 11" x 14") and several others, including one that makes cross stitch cards - can't seem to have enough cards.  That doesn't include the punch needle, linea, crewel and silk ribbon embroidery kits.

Enough is enough!  I easily chose 4 kits that I knew I would rather not do.  I am sure they were appealing when I purchased them, but the design on them is not my favorite anymore. 

So, I decided to venture into the ebay world to try and recoup some costs from these.  One good thing - ebay is currently not charging any listing fees until January 21, 2014. 
The bad thing, I can't find anything that says what the actual fees will be after an item sells.  

The first thing I listed was a hit - a Dimensions Gold Collection stocking that apparently is in big demand in the ebay world.  You can see it above.  The other items, not so much.  Maybe they will get some buys at the end of the auction.  

There are so many other things I would rather be doing than listing items on ebay.  Something to remember for the future.  I shouldn't buy anything until I am ready to make it right then and there.  Because I will always find something.
Projects finished: 21
Projects given away: 11+

Weeks: about 50

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