Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Year Ago... Reassess

I can't believe I started this blog last January.  For some reason, I thought I started it in February (and therefore, had more time).  But it's been a year and where have I been?  I started this with the hopes to significantly dwindle my crafty obsession at this house.  I thought it would be all done through completing crafts but in this past year, I've realized what I can actually accomplish in a year full of other demands vs. what I thought I could do is quite different.  There are only so many hours in each day. 

This is the list that I thought I would finish first... (from the 2nd post)

OK.  Here's the list of UFOs I wrote about getting started on last January:
1)  Half knit hat  - completed in February
2)  Partially knit blanket - completed in April
3)  Crochet rope bracelet (2 of them with beads strung) - half done in February and realized this wasn't going to be my craft
4)  2011 calendar of cards to make - some cut out - completed in February
5)  Wall hanging for my daughter's room - completed in June
6)  Partially crosstitched stocking - working on it now
7)  Linea bag - from a kit - looked at it in disgust and sold it on ebay, even partially completed

                                              Making progress on #8...
It really has been a learning year.  I learned that just because I am home with kids, doesn't mean that I have huge lazy time all day to just craft.  It does take work to take care of kids WELL.  I learned that I don't want to do every craft.  I've learned to step back from all most of those cheaply made craft kits at the hobby stores.  I've learned that I would rather be outside rather than inside doing a craft.  

I think in the end it's all a matter of priorities.  I follow Gretchen Rubin's blog about the Happiness Project.  She talks about 'Being Gretchen'.  Once you realize what makes you happy and what you like, well, of course that leads to a lot of things that you realize you will not be.  I will not be a great sewer, and there are lots of great sewing inspiration that I wish I could do - in that I want the outcome but not the process.  I will not crochet jewelry - and oh, the pictures of crocheted jewelry are so pretty.  There are always limitations in life, as there should be, but sometimes that's hard to hear.  

What about this year?

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