Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yarn Wreath

Surprisingly (that's a total joke!)  I had all the supplies for this project at home.  In fact, this is the story behind why this is my next craft to complete.  I was putting away our winter comforter in this large box in our basement when I came upon a few random things, one of them a wreath form that I probably bought sometime last year for what reason ????  Not sure.  But now, it is gloriously made into a yarn wreath (not sure what that is?  just google it - some beautiful pictures are out there on the web).  And I found a Christmas gift for one of the boys - good thing their birthdays are coming up!. 

I should also tell about some of the supplies.  Craft supplies are usually my biggest guilty spending pleasure.  Even when they are second hand....
The First Lady "carefree" yarn came from a garage sale - just like the kind that I talked about two posts ago.  A lady down the street died and before her family sold the house, they had a garage sale.  Luckily, I had some of my whits about me at the sale because I only walked out with the white acrylic yarn (look at the label in the first picture - it's so out-of-date!).  I remember there was also a half-finished sweater that I was strongly tempted to buy and for some reason did not.
The felt came from another second-hand sale.  Do you remember the Clean House shows with Niecy Nash on the Style Network?  Unfortunately, our cable dropped the Style Network, so I don't get to enjoy watching them anymore.   I know they are almost all filmed in Califormia.  But, one year, the Clean House Messiest Home was in Cincinnati.  So, the premise is they have a big sale of all the things in the person's house that will not be going back into the house and whatever they make usually goes back into the decorating of the new uncluttered space, except for the Messiest Home episodes where the money all goes to charity.   My mother-in-law and I and my poor little 2 year old daughter, waited for 2 hours to get into the sale, which actually filled up an old Steve and Barry's store.  There were a lot of things - many of which were not even opened!  And that's where I came upon more craft supplies - who doesn't need previously purchased craft sticks and felt?  Well, I'm never one to pass up a good deal.  And now, 4 years later, the felt is finally getting used.
Here it is, the finished project.

 It turned out pretty well.   It's so bright and it makes me happy looking at it.  This is a pretty awesome craft.  Especially considering I had all the supplies at home....  And this is why I'm trying to stay out of craft stores, as much as I like them.

Projects finished: 9
Projects or supplies given away: 2+
Weeks: about 14

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