Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Yarn to Give...

A few posts ago, I wrote about using the good craft supplies, specifically yarn, to make things.   And after writing that, I sifted through all of my yarn to determine how many good supplies I have.  Well, it splits up into one tub of "good" yarn, one of the bigger tubs of acrylic yarn and one of novelty yarn.   "Good" yarn to me means that the yarn is made with a natural fiber or at least part of the yarn is made of a natural yarn and part acrylic.  Novelty yarn - really???  Seriously???  What was I thinking?  I think that all the stores know that novelty yarn just sells by the plain fact that it is so scrumptious to look at.  Because all of us knitters get home and don't have a clue what to do with it. 
I recently learned that my daughter's friend is learning how to knit with a spool.  Her mom said that the daughter was using some all cotton yarn that she found cheap somewhere (isn't that why all Americans tend to buy stuff?) and it wasn't the best to knit with because it didn't stretch very well.  And so I came in with my cape and rescued her from knitting frustrations by giving her some more stretchy yarn, specifically yarn with cotton or wool and acrylic (even out of the "good" bin).  Still very soft but still easier to knit with. 

This is the scary part of being a craft hoarder or any type of hoarder.  This is the just-in-case scenarios that I live for.   I really like being able to supply other people with that little need they have - that one thing that they might not want to purchase or be able to find.  And that's (at least part of) why I keep things. 
So, how do I get rid of that feeling?  How do I let go of that "helper" notion? 

Projects finished: 9
Projects given away: 3+
Weeks: about 14

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