Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'd like to set a little more of a goal for myself - I thought of finishing a project a week, but that may not make much of a dent - depending on what I work on.  So, I'd like to reduce my crafts from 6 huge bins to 3 bins of stuff. 
That's saying a lot for me - here are some pictures of the craziness.

 My dirty little secret.  The Stack - which frequently has to be moved side to side to walk around to get to other craziness. 
 The paper bin - multiple stacks of scrapbook paper, miscellanea and other kits
 The real kit bin - crosstitch, embroidery, punch needle, etc.  This is where kits go to die (hopefully, not any longer).
 Yarn bin #1 - 71 Liter bin
 Yarn bin #2 - 96 liter bin
 Yarn bin #3 - by now, I'm sure you're saying I have a hoarding problem, really. 
 And the jewelry... at least I am trying to sell some of my jewelry creations.
And more jewelry - doesn't it look so pretty? 

Where to start? 
Seriously, when you have as many crafty projects as I do, sometimes, just figuring out where to start can be the most overwhelming... so I'm starting with UFOs (unfinished objects).  I only have a few (HA! HA!).   I've actually already started on one - the picture of the wreath in the previous post was started in January of 2012 and just finished in January 2013 - which may not seem too bad - except that those are cutouts of my kids' hands - which have grown a little in the past year and the only thing I had to do to finish  the project - was glue the hands on a circle of cardboard - yep, all the tedious part of tracing all the hands on different colored pieces of paper and cutting all those fingers out - done! 
Why is it that there are just some of those steps that are so easy, yet take forever to do?

OK.  Here's the list of UFOs to get started on:
1)  Half knit hat
2)  Partially knit blanket
3)  Crochet rope bracelet (2 of them with beads strung)
4)  2011 calendar of cards to make - some cut out
5)  Wall hanging for my daughter's room
6)  Partially crosstitched stocking
7)  Linea bag - from a kit

There's probably more but I can't think of them now. 
Let's get started!!!

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