Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Crossstitch Stocking

This item has been on my list of to-do's since the very beginning.  A stocking that I started 10 years ago for my husband.  I promised him it would be done for Christmas last year, which then got delayed to his birthday in January, and then to Valentine's Day and then to Easter.  The finished product was done the week after Easter.  The stitching was done, but all the sewing took some time.  It is fully lined with a red and white chevron fabric.  I used this tutorial to finish it and after having to buy new thread, then heavier thread, new bobbins (that don't quite fit the winder on my ancient sewing machine) and heavier needles, it finally came together.

I'm very happy with the outcome and told my husband that it will stay hung up at least until next Christmas.  I realize that this gift may be more for me than him - honestly, I don't think  he cares too much if his stocking was crossstitched by hand or by a machine.  But, wow!, it does look pretty awesome.  If I start one for myself I'm afraid it will take twice as long to make!

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