Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A needlepoint bracelet

Working on a kit...


I purchased this kit on sale (that is a theme with the items I get!) a few years ago and well, it fits the crafty need of both jewelry making and needlepoint/crosstitch. 
So I forged ahead with it.  The needlepoint part was very fun.  Stitching the ribbon and the beads on - not too fun.  It's nice to do when I have someone to talk to - so a good project to work on when my friend comes over for our craft/jewelry making time!
And to be clear... I started this in June and just finished it today! 

I do like the way it turned out!  
The beads around the edge are a little wonky - they don't quite cover the fabric and
 I  may need to tweak the button strap on it - but that should be easy.
This is the first item I've done this year from my stitching bin - I really enjoy the stitching part and really would like to get to more of these items!  Sometimes, it is just overwhelming looking at all the options of what I can do -  it's such a first world problem to have, isn't it?


Projects finished: 15
Projects given away: 7+  I think this can be included as a project.)
Weeks: about 27

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